Not all web hosting services are the same. Servers are specialized operating systems that are meant to support from 1 user to many users. It is not easy to try and figure out which web hosting company has the right web hosting services for you. Do you know if you should get shared website hosting, dedicated web hosting or virtual private server hosting (VPS)? What you do know is that you need a web hosting company that will store your files securely on its servers.

A server for a small business that will use mainly shared files and run a simple backup program will not need the same kind of server that a larger company that works with databases and multiple emails will. Still, server reliability is crucial. If the server goes down, no business, either big or small will be getting any work done. A lot of today’s businesses rely heavily on a server for day-to-day work.

These types of web hosting servers to choose from and they all allow different amounts of control, reliability and space available. But, which offer is the right one for you and your company? Web hosting companies have various services available, depending on your needs. The packages available will vary, depending on CPU power, databases, email accounts, RAM, storage capacity and many other factors that may come into play for your specific company’s needs. Some servers are designed to run multi-user applications like email, print servers, messaging, databases and resource planning.

The amount of downtime is a huge worry for a lot of companies that are searching for a new web hosting company. If the current web hosting company you are with has a lot of downtime, you are paying for web hosting services that you are not getting. You need to look for a new web hosting company that has certain provisions in place to make sure that their customers do not have downtime both day and night.

Servers will make it easier for you and your employees to shared and collaborate on data and any information that will help them does their jobs.

Before you choose a web hosting services package, below we have explained the differences in the web hosting packages:

Shared Servers: This type of package is probably the most affordable and cost effective package for smaller companies. Shared servers will host multiple websites on 1 server and then split the cost of running the server among all the customers. Shared server means that all customers will share all the available resources on the server. On the down side, shared servers have an increased chance of downtime and the space and bandwidth limitations are obvious. To counteract the chance of downtime, look for a shared server company that has a guarantee of a certain amount of up time.

Dedicated Servers: This type of server package will eliminate the typical shared server problems. Dedicated servers will cost more, but you will get more exclusive service from the web hosting company. Reliability is high with this type of server because you get more individualized service. Think about dedicated web hosting as renting a space for your website. The location is solely yours alone. Being allowed to have access to all available resources on a server can give this type of server the best choice for some businesses.

VPS Hosting Services: this type of server falls somewhere between shared servers and dedicated servers. You have multiple domains but on a virtual server, so this type of server will operate more like a dedicated server. VPS hosting can give your company the best of both worlds. VPS hosting will give you control and flexibility but at a lower cost. On a VPS server you will be allotted certain resources that will not be shared by everyone else on the server.

If you choose a VPS hosting server, you and your employees will be able to access data on a server remotely from almost anywhere you have internet access. You can also have this type of server automatically back up your systems, both laptop and desktop computers.

Linux vs. Windows Servers: Choosing a qualified web hosting service involves more than just picking either a Linux-based server or a Windows-based server. The Linux-based servers are quite a bit more popular and are also easy on your budget.

Windows-based servers will cost more but it will be worth it you need to run specific windows-based apps. If you have custom applications that have been written in Microsoft’s .NET language, you will have to go with this type of server even though it costs more.

If you are ready to choose from one of the Web Hosting services above, try to keep your businesses goals in mind. Space, control and reliability will all determine how much you will have to pay for web hosting services.


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