Web Site Design and Implementation Process

Once a client approves the web design proposal, we then start the web design process. Each project goes through 3 main web sign stages to ensure project is completed to fulfil maximum client’s satisfaction of client.

Each stage of the project is internally reviewed by a Project Manager to ensure conformance to agreed specifications and standards. For more information on our web site design process, feel free to read our published article in Enterprising Women Magazine (Grow Your Business Guide 2004), “Create a Winning Website.”

Planning stage

The first and foremost step is “Needs Assessment”. This step involves detailed understanding of goal for the website and web audience. The Durham Chamber’s new website needs to be consistent with goals of theChamber: Dynamic, bold leadership organization in the community and region. The new website needs to be high impact thereby attracting new members as well as providing a positive image of Durham for businesses wishing to visit or relocate.

Other goals include providing members with information such as sign up for membership and events. This process needs to be seamless and easy hence increasing revenues for the Chamber. Other users of the website such as elected officials, partner organization and students need to access information quickly. The ease of navigation and lay out of the new website will accomplish this goal.

Design stage

This stage involves developing “Content Architecture”. This is a critical stage as concepts for new web design will be developed based on a through assessment of goals. Some information as it is displayed on the current website will be consolidated under the new lay out. Before the concepts can be developed further, we would need to meet face to face with your team to gather more information such as logo, colors, photography, images and final content for the website.

From our initial assessment it appears that navigation needs to be more user friendly and information needs to be more organized so that potential members and sponsors can both benefit. We are very cognizant of the fact that in order to build effective website that provides a high rate of return on investment it needs to be found in the major search engines on the internet. While we will not provide full service search engine optimization service (outside the scope of this project) we will at no charge do basic SEO services such as adding meta tags and title tags on web pages.
Implementation stage

This stage involves bringing together the web design and technical part. All web pages are designed by now and extensive “Quality Assurance” takes place: testing in multiple browsers and platforms, testing the programming code etc. The client approves the website before it can go live.

You as the client, is kept informed and up to date through out the project. You can preview designs, make requests and provide feedback and get information on timelines of project. This detailed communication ensures completion and delivery of the project to client’s maximum satisfaction and expectations.

Designing a Professional Website

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