So you want to start your own web hosting company? You might be surprised at how easy, profitable and inexpensive it is to start your own web hosting company. We will give you the tools and the support you will need to get your business up and running in no time. Our reseller plans are designed in such a way as to allow you to create an unlimited amount websites under your company or brand name and each will have their own prices, features and packages.

Owning your own business will allow you to setup, manage and also operate the back end of websites, emails and also have domain management for your own company as well for your clients. As the owner of a reseller web hosting business, you will also have the ability to use your allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to host websites for these people and businesses.

We have many different web hosting plans that will fit almost every budget and needs, from a shared hosting package to managed dedicated servers to the more complex server cluster architectures. It does not matter what type of business you are in, whether medical, education, legal or insurance, we will have a package that fits your business needs.

We have many web hosting solutions because we have long standing license agreements with companies like Microsoft, MIVA and Verisign. We also have certifications with FISMA, PCI Compliance and CISSP.

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

After you sign up with us, you will have access to our reseller control panel or Web Host Manager (WHM). WHM allows you to be able to manage the websites and to provide your customers with their own cPanels (control panels) that will allow them to create and then modify their own websites. Then, once your customers have logged in they will be able to control passwords, email addresses and sub domains.

A web hosting reseller is someone that might have a business that creates web designs, a web developer or a systems integrator. Being a reseller of web hosting is a great way to start your own business.

Being a web hosting reseller does not require a lot of technical knowledge of web hosting. Typically someone at the data center will be responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and hardware. Basically, a reseller is responsible for interfacing with their own customer base. If any connectivity problems, hardware or software problems occur, they are forwarded to the service provider.

In order to be a profitable reseller, you will usually have to advertise extensively to get customers.  There will be a fee with most hosts but it is typically only a few dollars per month. A reseller must devote a lot of advertising dollars to be able to compete with other established competitors.

Web Hosting Capabilities

Bandwidth: A lot of the data centers have a triple redundant OC3 connection. So, each server will have a 100 Mbps connection to the OC3 backbone.

Web Hosting Security

As a web hosting provider, we are aware of the insecure nature of the internet. Fortunately, we have a lot of security practices in place.

  • Security coding that is into the border routers for IP address spoofing.
  • Firewalls that are placed at strategic locations throughout the network.
  • Network intrusion detection devices.
  • HHhhhHDaily scans of key servers by independent organizations.
  • Apply vendor security patches when they arrive.
  • Make sure all employees are up to date on latest security measures.

Data Center Security

Our data centers have 24/7 on site security and multiple surveillance cameras as well as environmental security. The data centers are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Web Hosting Server Back Ups

On all our servers, we perform full weekly backups. A differential backup is performed every night on each server. We also provide internal server backups. This means that the server’s data, system and user disk drives would be configured in RAID arrays to protect hardware failure of the individual disk drives.

We also have SAN backups, which is a backup that is sent to an external storage array network. All your servers that need to be backed up could be connected to a central SAN and then backed up regularly to tape. The advantage of this kind of backup system is that it does not need to have any additional internal storage space for the backups. The backups are saved on a secure independent server.

Backups that are sent to external tape drives or to an array library are another backup option. This option provides the same level of backup and recovery as the internal server backup but the difference comes in the fact that the storage media is a tape that is able t o be removed, cataloged and then stored separately for storage elsewhere.

Backuping your data to tape with offsite storage ability is also available. We can arrange to have tapes saved and then shipped to a secure offsite facility for safe storage on a daily, weekly, monthly or other schedule.

There is also a backup to a clustered server configuration. This cluster can be configured in an active-passive or active-active with load balancing. This option will provide rapid recovery from server failures.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is basically a virtual slice of a larger main server node. This main server nod is a powerful dedicated server that is divided into numerous virtual environments. These accounts are meant for development purposes because the resources are limited.

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Reseller Web Hosting

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