Web Design Process

It is important to have a quality website design to make your presence known on the internet. Below is a description of the 8 steps we take to make a website you can be proud of.

1) Initial Meeting and Sketches

In the first meeting, it is important to get an idea of the project requirements and a general idea of the design. This includes the number of pages, colors, any specific images, overall look and feel, any special features such as CMS, and project time-frame.

  • General Project Idea
  • Specific Requirements
  • Overall Look and Feel

2) Mock-Ups

Using these sketches and the information collected from the meeting, a couple of mock-ups are created and sent back for the client to review. Stock images are used in this step as flavor and are purchased later upon request.

3) Client Feedback

After the mock-ups have been reviewed, and feedback has been received, we get to work implementing the feedback.

4) Revised Mock-Ups

Once the feedback has been applied, a second stage of mockups are created and sent for review.

This process goes on until the client approves a final design.

5) Converting to HTML

Once the final design is approved, we begin work converting the design into HTML and CSS.

When the first stage of the HTML website has been completed, we convert the content we’ve been given by the client into HTML and put it onto their respective page. To do this, we will set up content headers, text colors, and insert links to other pages. Navigation links and page titles are also created at this step. Key Points:

  • Convert Design to HTML
  • Create Navigation and Pages

6) Programming

Any custom programming such as contact forms, CMS, photo galleries, or calendars are created in this stage.

7) Testing

Each website is tested in the most common browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, to optimize performance. If any display errors are found, they are fixed before moving to the next stage. Programming, navigation links, and each page are individually tested to make sure they are working properly.

8) Final Product

After testing the website, purchasing any stock images, and a final review from both client and designer, the website is ready to go live. All the website files will be uploaded to a host’s server and any email accounts for the website will be created.

Congratulations, on your new website!