Linux is probably one of the most popular operating systems (OS) that can be used by some web hosting providers. This kind of operating system is versatile and powerful and an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Linux has proven to be the best OS for demanding environments like mail servers and web servers.

Why Should You Choose Linux Hosting?

tux-svgLinux is the best choice for companies that will have many websites that will display information as a brochure, data sheets or in a newsletter format. The OS is also perfect for brochure-ware sites that will offer interaction through enquiry forms, online purchases and other e-commerce functions. For those of you out there that are not technically inclined, you may not have given a lot of thought to the literal or figurative nuts and bolts of your web hosting server.

The available features and user friendly aspects of Linux are why many web hosting companies. If you are shopping around for a new web host, you need to understand the benefits of your new servers Linux operating system. We will also inform you of applications and scripting languages that Linux supports. We will help you make informed decisions about choosing Linux as your web host.

Keep in mind which OS is running the server that hosts your websites. The majority of business owners are likely to use Linux, so below are some tips for web hosting with the Linux operating system. Linux is an UNIX based open source platform that is primarily used for website hosting.

Linux was created by a computer systems engineer, Linus Torvalds in 1991. He was a computer science student in Finland Linux as a part time project. The new OS was popular and has gone through many modifications and various permutations, including Google’s Chrome OS. Linux stability, versatility and open source code are what have helped make this OS one of the leading OS options for web servers, personal computers and mobile applications.

LAMP (Linux, MariaDB MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python) is the most important feature of Linux. No one operating system is the best for creating a professional website, but some applications are specific to only Linux. It you want to access the popular cPanel management console, you will need to make sure your hosing provider server is running Linux. You will need Linux for Perl scripting language, WordPress and PHP.

Linux will give you access to FTP, which is a program that you can upload files onto the server through your hard drive. But, the uniqueness of Linux is the provision of ssh or telnet access. This provision helps to interpret user data over transmission control protocol (TCP). You can also use CGI (Common Gateway Interface) will also aid you with applications on the browser.

There are some advantages in using Linux. There is security and stability with Linux. Linux web hosting is a tough platform in terms of data safety and reliability. There are also easy backups with Linux. Backing up the data from your websites is important and Linux has some of the best built in tools to do so.

Linux also has some basic plans that will encompass FTP access, MySQL services and CGI along with email services and ssh access. Unlike a lot of the other platforms, Linux also offers simple administration benefits without using other software tools.

Linux also has a technical support facility that will help you with troubleshooting and solving problems that you may encounter. The low cost of Linux is preferred among web hosting companies. You will pay less for setup, software and monthly fees.

There are a few disadvantages of using Linux.

One disadvantage of Linux is not having enough knowledge of Linux. That can be remedied with the great technical support services that Linux offers. There are also many articles on the internet and books you can purchase that will inform you of all that Linux can offer.

As it is in life, everything has advantages and disadvantages. So it is up to the individual user to make the most out of whichever choice of operating system you choose. Linux does have its share of disadvantages, but with determination, that to can be overcome. Plus, the web scripts that are currently ruling a lot of web design and development seem to be compatible with Linux Web Hosting making it the best choice for the best platform and web hosting services.


Linux Web Hosting

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