A formal keyword research is crucial for your holistic SEO strategy. Start your keyword research with these free tools:

1. Brainstorm

Think about what products and services do you offer? What are your core competences? Who are your audiences?

Type a keyword in Google search box to find related keywords.

Try these free keyword research tools:

2. Search volume

Collect the search volume of your keywords with Google Adwords, SERPs, Keyword Spy, etc. to see what kind of demand there is for your brainstorm keywords.

A keyword with a high search volume is high-competitive keyword. Many users are searching for them, and companies are bidding high to get them.

One of the solid SEO strategies is to get as many long-tail keywords as possible. Long-tail keywords are usually 3-4 descriptive keywords that have lower search volume but are very relevant to your business.

3. Categorization

Once you’ve decided which keyword to use, categorize your keywords into groups so that you may arrange them on the different pages of your website.

Try these free tools to organize your keywords:

Execute a Formal Keyword Research with Free Tools

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